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Custom Maintenance Package Calculator

Choose what you need and leave out what you don’t – we know sometimes, you just need a little bit of help maintaining your website, so let’s build a package that is just for you!

Your hosting provider may offer some of these services already. We’ll make sure you aren’t paying for maintenance with us that you are already getting with your hosting provider. After you fill out the form below, shoot us an e-mail and let us know what your choices are and we’ll look into it for you and make sure we won’t be doubling efforts!

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Footnotes from above pricing plans


Security Checks

Security checks do not include resolution. The checks allow you and Applewood Interactive to become aware of a potential security issue with your website. Often times, you can submit a simple request to your hosting provider to resolve the issue. However, if a fix is requested to be made by Applewood, an estimate of work will be sent to you.


Performance Checks

Performance checks do not include resolution. The checks allow us to see if anything is slowing down your website all of a sudden (large images, videos, etc.). If a fix is requested to be made by Applewood, an estimate of work will be sent to you.


Restore of a Backup

Restore of a backup includes rolling the entire website back to the last backup date. For example, for customers with monthly backups, if requested on the 15th of the month, your last backup may be from the 9th of the month and would be restored to that point. Any pages/posts/media/etc. that was added to the website between those two dates would no longer exist.


Link Monitoring

Link Monitor will run through all the links* on your site once a day. It does not include fixing links unless you have Design and Content Support in your maintenance plan.

*limited to 10K links per website.


Comment Spam Removal

We run a weekly check and cleanup for comment spam. If you aren’t sure what that means, basically, eople will and/or robots will leave spam comments on your blog to try to get clicks to a different website, usually in an attempt to increase their own search ranking.

You only need this if you allow comments on your website. This is mainly for blogs.


Monthly Maintenance Reports

Monthly automated reports will show you how your site has performed and the updates and maintenance that had been completed since the previous month.


Design and Content Support

Design and Content Support covers minor page/post updates, new plugin installs, minor design updates, updating/adding email forms, and general WordPress help/training.


WordPress Core Updates and Plugin Updates

Updates performed only if a new version is available. You must also have daily backups in your maintenance plan – our reasoning for that is that if you have daily backups in your plan, we can do a post-update review and rollback to the latest backup, if necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you monitor my website and keep costs low?

We use a third-party tool, called ManageWP, to do most of the monitoring tasks in the plans above to keep our costs low. The majority of our monthly rate is simply passing those costs on to you.

Can I use my own tool to monitoring my website and opt-out of your maintenance plan?

Yes! And that’s fine! As long as you are monitoring your website somehow, we’re happy and still always here for help! Let us know if you’d like to remove yourself from any updates by using our opt-out form.

You didn’t build my website, but can you maintain it for me?

Sure! We’d love to help you! There will be an upfront fee depending on the size of your website to onboard it into our system.

Do you support websites other than WordPress sites?

We can provide some of our services to non-WordPress clients, but not all. To learn more about how we can help you specifically, contact us.

Terms and Conditions

Pricing is subject to change at any time on all pricing plans listed on this page.

All plan payments will be auto-debited.
If you would prefer to manually pay each month, there will be an additional $5 per month fee.

A 30 day notice is required to cancel a monthly maintenance plan.