How We Work

We’re with you every step of the way through the process. Ultimately, the look and content on your website are completely up to you, but we’ll share our knowledge and best practices along the way, so you can gain the knowledge you need to also maintain your website content after we launch.


We may ask you a series of questions to help determine what your goals are for your new website. We will also ask you what it is that you don’t like on your existing design to ensure that pieces that you don’t love don’t get carried over.

Research & Ideas

After we comb through your existing site’s design and layouts, we will also go through your competitors’ websites and check out what makes their websites look great (or not so great), then carry over some of those thoughts and ideas to your new design.

Information Architecture

This phase is one that we collaborate on a lot with our customers. We combine our knowledge of your market and competitors with the main points of interest that you want to convey on your website. At this stage we may also create a sitemap to show you what we have developed for the hierarchy of your website structure.


Now this is where the real fun begins! Your designer will start pulling all of the ideas together that were discussed in previous phases. Once the first mockup is completed, your designer will present it to you and depending on the feedback that you have, they may suggest another interactive design session. Up to three rounds of revisions per design mockup are included.


Once all designs are approved, the development process starts. We will start with developing whichever mockup that we know will be used most frequently on your site. It some cases, we may start with the homepage development for websites that are small in size or ones that really rely on the homepage to get across a lot of information to your site visitors.


Once quality assurance and testing is completed, we will work with you to make any DNS switches required and help you get your beautiful site live for the world to see!