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No contract, pay monthly, and just give us a 30 day notice to cancel. No risk involved.
And, whatever the price is when you sign up, you’ve locked that in for at least one full year.
Downgrade or upgrade whenever you’d like too!



per month / per website

*Cannot be used for ecommerce websites and not recommended for websites that get updated frequently 

  • Performance Monitoring
  • Security Monitoring
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • WordPress Core Updates
  • Plugin Updates (Weekly)
  • Theme Updates (Weekly)
  • Weekly Backups (5 weeks)
  • Monthly Reports
  • Access to Premium Plugins
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per month / per website

  • Everything in the Premium plan
  • Up to 4 single, page edits²
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per month / per website

  • Everything in the Ultimate plan
  • Web Hosting (non-eCommerce)
  • Professional Email Addresses³ (ex. [email protected])
  • Free Let’s Encrypt Standard and Wildcard SSL certificates
  • Free migration from your existing host to us
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Included in all of our plans


Auto image compression

Minification of non 3rd-party files

Browser caching

Gzip Compression


Regular automated security scans

Vulnerability reports with safety recommendations

Blacklist monitoring

WP core, theme & plugin checks

Optional 2-Factor Authentication

On the Premium & Ultimate Plans: If you’ve been hacked, we’ll clean up your site for you for no extra fee! Standard plan members will be charged a $250 fee per instance.


The number of restore points keep per plan are below:

Standard Plan: 5 weeks
Premium Plan: 30 days
Ultimate Plans: 30 days


WordPress Core Updates

Plugin Updates (if needed)

Theme Updates (if needed)

Uptime Monitoring

Automated monitoring of your site every minute to make sure it’s up, and include that information on your monthly report

Free Acess to
Premium Plugins

We include popular, pro-level plugins for things like image compression, SEO, marketing, forms, and analytics.

Monthly Reports

We keep you in the loop and send you a report of all of the updates we’ve performed manually or automated over the last 30 days

Page Edits

A single page edit covers the following types of requests:

Text/image updates to one page

Updating/adding an email form

*Page edits do not include graphics, image editing, new plugin installation, or new functionality


40+ WordPress “How-To” videos

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you monitor my website and keep costs low?

We use a third-party tool to do most of the automated monitoring tasks to keep our costs low. The majority of our monthly rate is simply passing those costs on to you.

Can I use my own tool to monitor my website and opt-out of your maintenance plan?

Yes! And that’s fine! As long as you are monitoring your website somehow, we’re happy and still always here for help! Let us know if you’d like to remove yourself by emailing us.

You didn’t build my website, but can you maintain it for me?

Sure! We’d love to help you! There may be an upfront fee of $350 (maximum) depending on the size and complexity of your website after we determine how much clean up is require to get it in top shape and ready for regular maintenance.

Often times the cost is $0, so contact us so we can check out your specific site.

Do you support websites other than WordPress sites?

We can provide some of our services to non-WordPress clients, but not all. To learn more about how we can help you specifically, contact us.

Can I get set up with a monthly retainer of hours to use?

Of course! Contact us and let us know what you need.

Notes & Terms

Monthly cost is locked in for a minimum of one (1) year
Does not include any custom work, design, or page updates

If you don’t need all of the items above, or need more than we offer in the standard plan outlined above, contact us and tell us what you need and we’ll get you a quote right away!

Price is subject to change at any time.
Once you sign up, your price is guaranteed to not change for a minimum of one (1) year.

Price is based on the customer paying with a credit card set up for recurring automatic payment. If you need manual invoices to be approved and sent each month, there is an extra $5 fee per month. Monthly maintenance plans are not eligible for any discounts.

¹ Malware removal is included up to once (1x) per month with the Premium and Ultimate plans. If additional malware is found more than once (1x) per month, an extra fee may be charged of $100 – we would notify you of this charge to get your approval before making any fixes. For the Standard plan, malware removal is charged at $250 per instance.
² Single, page edits do not rollover month to month if they aren’t used – these are included as a courtesy for our Premium and Ultimate plans. If additional edits are needed, they are charged at a rate of $25 per page for clients subscribed to any maintenance/care plan. Page edits are charged at a rate of $30 per page for clients that are not subscribed to a maintenance/care plan.
³ Your domain must be on our account as well. We can transfer it over for you and take care of the $15/year cost. It does not include domain privacy, that will be charged an extra fee yearly, if requested.

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