Full Service Website Work

We have the knowledge and experience to work in most any content management system you would like to use. We can also recommend one that would be best suited to your business function.

New Website Creation

We can get you online fast, so that your customer can find you and start learning more about your business.

WordPress starts at $2650

Existing Website Re-design

Have a website already but want to change it up or make it easier to update? We can do that!

Custom Pricing

Design Implementation

We can take a design or mockup that you already have and turn it into a fully functioning website.

Custom Pricing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you DIY’d your website yourself, you may not be getting found on search engines like Google and Bing. Let us do a quick review of your website, and get you up and running and findable online, organically!

Starting at $75 per page

Hosting Provider Migration/Move

Need to switch hosting providers? Sometimes it’s a good idea if you have latency issues that are server related, if the server often goes down, or if you find a better price elsewhere. We can help you determine if a hosting provider switch is a good idea for you or not too.

Starting at $350

Social Media Design

Facebook Cover Photos, Facebook Profile Images, Instagram Highlight Covers

Starting at $50

Coaching & Training

We’re here for you! You never have to feel alone, even if you are DIYing your website. We can get on a call with you and walk you through anything that you need – SEO, mobile-friendly design, ADA compliance – you name it!

DIY Hour with a Pro

Did you build your website yourself or in the process of doing so? Let us help you get on the right track!

This is perfect for those who built their own website or are in the process of doing so, who need some help getting it perfected, cleaned up, mobile-friendly, or help working on your on-page SEO. 

This service is a 60-minute video chat to discuss anything you want to know involving your website. The call is 100% lead by you which allows you to ask questions, have me make changes, or help with really anything else on your website or online presence in general. Domains, hosting, analytics, SEO, Google My Business, etc. are all fair game for this call!

During the call, we’ll go over any questions that you have first, and give you advice and tips for you to implement on your own. You can also decide if you’d like the call to be a “working session” where you share your screen and I can walk you through your specific questions in relation to your website.

After our video chat, you’ll receive a recording that you can watch at any time after as well.

DIY Coaching is $135/hour

Additional DIY Hour with a Pro

This service is a 60-minute video chat for those that have already done the first “DIY Hour with a Pro” with us.

This is for extra help as you need it!

After our video chat, you’ll receive a recording that you can watch at any time after as well.

Additional DIY Coaching is $100/hour

WordPress Training

Let us show you how to use your new website and how to make simple updates on your own to things like your menu, today’s specials, etc.

After our video chat and screen share, you’ll receive a recording that you can watch at any time after as well.

This is meant for customers that we have worked with previously and have already had a hand in working on the website.

Remote one-hour sessions start at $100

Graphic Design

We offer a lot more than logos and branding boards – if you need anything at all like menus, business cards, flyers, brochures, etc. contact us to get started!

Logo Design

Ready for a website but don’t have a logo or color scheme yet? Let us handle that! We will leave you with everything you need for things like invoices, business cards, car decals, t-shirts – whatever you may need!

Starting at $300

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We offer full branding packages as well as our “quick start-up” branding packages which are for small businesses who are looking to get up and running with something quickly and may not have the time or budget to go through a full branding exercise.

Branding Packages start at $500

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All pricing is subject to change at any time. Contact us for an official cost estimate.
Pricing often increase each year for services.

Client Testimonials

Casey was extremely helpful with updating my SEO for my website. Not only did she makes changes with my SEO but she helped make sure my website was looking the best that it can be. She was so helpful, patient and explained things so they were easy to understand.

Briarpatch Children’s Boutique

Casey was a HUGE help with starting up my website! She was easy to work with, reliable, and professional. She gave me a review of the work I’d done, told me what I’d done right, what needed tweaking, and did it all in plain enough English that I could really understand! I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

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