This was a great transformation for the Greater Boston Chinese Golden Age Center!

This project was completed from scratch on a new WordPress installation. We used a translation widget that allows for seamless navigation between English and Chinese languages using custom translations by the GBCGAC team.

The previous website was not mobile-friendly and was built over 10 years ago. We modernized it, while still keeping the comforting feel that the Center conveys. The website needed to be easy for seniors to navigate and use as well.

GBCGAC started offering virtual classes and programs during the COVID-19 pandemic and the website needed to move along with that as well. As more people get online, more people were seeing their website, which meant that it needed an overhaul.

The new website was completed, start to finish, in about 6 weeks. There was great teamwork between us which helped the work go along very quickly.

The new website is one that the Greater Boston Chinese Golden Age Center can be proud of and will really help them shine online as much as the already shine in person!


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