Some quick items are below, but you can find the full documentation here:

Edit existing pages

Either browse to the page in your live browser, and click the “Colibri -> Edit with Colibri” from the top black menu bar; or, you can browse from your WordPress Dashboard -> Pages -> All Pages -> and click “Edit with Colibri” that appears when you hover over the page you want to edit.

Creating new pages

Go to Dashboard -> Pages -> All Pages, then select “Create New Page”.
Give the page a title, hit Publish in the upper right corner, and confirm.

Note: Make sure you are using the “Edit with Colibri” rather than using WordPress’ built-in editor unless you are editing a blog post.

Adding content to your page

You can use the + symbol on the right to add new blocks, or custom items such as headings, text, buttons, and images. You must drag and drop where you want it.

Editing your page

Click on any element, such as the background, the text, images, the top bar, or even meta-items like columns and rows. As you hover your mouse over different parts, you’ll see the different elements — for example, if you hover over a text box you should see an orange outline, but if you move it slightly outside, you’ll see the blue outline of the row or column. You can then edit using the left sidebar. There are usually 3 tabs here:


This allows you to edit basic settings of the item you’re editing, such as selecting the icon, text alignment, or image size, as well as spacing.


This allows you to edit colors, font, sizing, and borders.


Custom options such as changing display on hover, opacity, advanced spacing, and borders.

Duplicate Element

You can use the pencil icon in the corner to duplicate an element. Note: Duplicating Elements will Link them, so any style changes made to one will affect the others. Many items are linked, such as Header styles, etc. You can use the “unlink” in the Style section to unlink items.


After making any changes, you’ll need to click the “Publish” button in the upper left and wait 2-3 seconds for it to publish. If you don’t, you’ll get prompted before you try to exit the page, and it won’t save your changes. Edit existing pages: Either browse to the page, and click the “Colibri -> Edit with Colibri” from the top menu; or, you can browse from WordPress Dashboard -> Pages -> All Pages -> and click “Edit with Colibri”.