As an official Percussion partner, we offer a variety of professional services.

Template Design & Development

We can design and code (HTML/CSS/JS) new templates in Percussion CM1.

Existing Design Implementation

We can take a design or mockup that you already have and turn it into a fully functioning template(s).

Existing Template Edits

Need some minor changes to an existing template in Percussion? Let us know what changes you need and we’ll take it from there!

Custom Widget Development

Built using Percussion’s Widget Builder tool

Content Migration

We can help move pages from a different CMS over to Percussion and assign them to your templates, or can take pages assigned to one Percussion template and migrate them to a different template.

Casey Clarke, Owner of Applewood Interactive LLC

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I know you probably have questions, so here are some answers!

I need to move off of Percussion, can you help?

Of course! I work in a variety of content management systems and likely work in the one that you are wanting to switch to.

For information about switching to WordPress, click here.

I need to move from a different CMS to Percussion, can you help?

Yes! We can get you migrated from any CMS onto Percussion. Contact us to discuss the plan with us and we can get you a proposal within a day.

Do you offer Percussion CMS maintenance plans?

We do offer maintenance plans for Percussion clients. These plans are custom per client depending on what your needs are and type of maintenance to be done each month. Please book a free consultation call with us to talk through some options:

Contact us to learn more